yes it’s cute, I want 20 (◕‿◕✿)

No one sings more beautifully than you.

No one sings more beautifully than you.

monday, tuesday, i’ll be there
wednesday, thursday, loving you more
friday, saturday, sunday, i will love you more and more

everyday you’re in my heart…

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I’m doing alright, how about you? Ugh that’s awful. She seems like the kind of person that quietly burdens a lot of responsibility. It makes me sad :(

yup, that’s exactly how she is :[ and she keeps a lot to herself too, so if she’s sad she probably won’t tell anyone, thinking that maybe it’s a “burden”. even the girls said already that she should open up more.

but anyway, it makes me sad too, really really sad. they don’t deserve this.

Hiii the new girl again <3 where is that quote from Taeyeon from? Poor girl I hope she feels better...

hey there, how are you?

this quote “From the start, all I ever wanted was to protect SNSD. Nothing else but that. I’m sorry to make you suffer like this. From now on, I’ll work hard to make sure only good things happen.”?

if I’m not mistaken it was from a fansign, people were saying she was crying really hard and Tiffany was trying to comfort her :[

it pains me seeing them like that, really… specially Tae :c

forever nine.